2017 Research and Reports


James, C., Devaux, M., & Sassi, F. – ‘Inclusive Growth and Health OECD Health Working Papers (December, 2017)

Pike, A., Lee, N., MacKinnon, D., Kempton, L., & Iddawela, Y. – ‘Job creation for inclusive growth in cities Joseph Rowntree Foundation (August, 2017)

Waite, D., McGregor, A., & McNulty, D. – ‘Inclusive Growth and City Deals Joseph Rowntree Foundation (June, 2017)

Jones, P., Hillier, D., & Comfort, D. – ‘City deals in Scotland Town and County Planning (May, 2017)

Inclusive Growth Commission – ‘Inclusive Growth Commission: Making our economy work for everyone RSA (March, 2017)

Inclusive Growth Commission – Inclusive Growth: putting principles into practice’ RSA (March, 2017)

Green, A., Kispeter, E., Sissons, P., & Froy, F. – How do international cities lead inclusive growth agenda? Joseph Rowntree Foundation (January, 2017)

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