2019 Research and Reports


Durose, C., Escobar, O., Gilchrist, A., Agger, A., Henderson, J., van Hulst, M., &amp van Ostaijen, M. Socially Smart Cities: Making a Difference in Urban Neighbourhoods Smart Urban Intermediaries (November, 2019)

Findlay, P., Lindsay, C., Watson, A. &amp Young, D. Influencing employers so more people break free from poverty through work Joseph Rowntree Foundation (October, 2019)

The Rural Commission ‘An Economy for All of Scotland Scottish Council for Development and Industry (September, 2019)

Tomaney, J. & Pike, A. The economics of belonging: the hidden costs behind large cities Prospect (September, 2019)

Marlow, D., Kempton, L., & Tewdwr-Jones, M. ‘Inclusive Future Growth in England’s Cities and Regions Newcastle City Futures (August, 2019)

Norman, A., Dudding, J., Franklin, B., & Billingham, Z. ‘The Good Life: Measuring Inclusive Growth Across Countries Centre for Progressive Policy (June, 2019)

Statham, R. & Gunson, R. ‘How Productivity Could Deliver Inclusive Growth in Scotland IPPR Scotland (June,2019)

Lockey, A. & Glover, B. The ‘Preston Model’ and the New Municipalism Demos (June, 2019)

Statham, R. & Gunson, R. Delivering Inclusive Growth in Scotland IPPR Scotland (June, 2019)

Jones, R. ‘A Resurgence of the Regions: rebuilding innovation capacity across the whole UK Soft Machines (May, 2019)

Holt, R. & Deshpande, P. – International Research on Regional Economies: Implications for Delivering Inclusive Growth In Scotland Oxford Economics (May, 2019)

Rae, A., Hamilton, R. & Faulds, A. – Too big to be local, too small to be strategic Fraser of Allander Economic Commentary (April, 2019)

McDonald, E. & Richmond, K. – ‘Measuring Scotland’s economic performance Fraser of Allander Economic Commentary (April, 2019)

Koirala, S. – SMEs: Key Drivers of Green and Inclusive Growth OECD Green Growth Papers (March, 2019)

Shafique, A., Antink, B., Clay, A., & Cox, E. – ‘Inclusive Growth in Action RSA (March, 2019)

Mazzucato, M. & Macfarlane, L. – ‘A mission-oriented framework for the Scottish National Investment Bank‘ Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose (March, 2019)

Hawking, M. – ‘How Local Industrial Strategies can deliver inclusive growth Joseph Rowntree Foundation (February, 2019)

Grömling, M. & Klös, H. – ‘Inclusive growth: A primer for supply-side concept German Economic Institute (February, 2019)

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