Community Wealth Building approaches


Scottish Borders Council

The five pillars of community wealth building help the Council to realise the changes they can make to grow a strong local economy.


Maximising community benefits through procurement and commissioning, developing good enterprises, fair work and shorter supply chains.

The Council have continued to develop the use of local supply chains. This year the Council ran a local butcher meat project where we sourced all fresh meat for 2 of our secondary schools and one primary school for 10 weeks from 2 local butchers. It was a huge success and we have extended the trial with a single supplier for a further 9 months to all 9 secondary schools. This progressive procurement project has supported local employment, made sustainability progress and helped to keep wealth within the Scottish borders community.

Inclusive Ownership

Developing more local and social enterprises which generate community wealth, including social enterprises, employee owned firms and cooperatives.


Increasing fair work and developing local labour markets that support the wellbeing of communities.

The Council is committed to encouraging the adoption of Fair Work Practices. When relevant, suppliers bidding for public contracts should adopt fair working practices, specifically: appropriate channels for effective voice, investment in workforce development, no inappropriate use of zero hours contracts, action to tackle the gender pay gap and create a more diverse and inclusive workplace, providing fair pay for worker, offer flexible and family friendly working practices for all workers, oppose the use of fire and rehire practices. As an accredited real living wage employer the Council is committed to encouraging the wider adoption of the real living wage. This is an hourly rate set by the living wage foundation. The current rate is £10.90. (October 2022).


Ensuring that flows of investment and financial institutions work for local people, communities and businesses.

Land and Property

Growing social, ecological, financial and economic value that local communities gain from land and property assets.

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