Importance of the real Living Wage


With over 2800 accredited employers in Scotland paying the real Living Wage, employers are choosing to ensure their employees can earn a wage that supports a decent standard of living.

Workers who have benefited from their employer’s commitment to paying the real Living Wage have told us how this has impacted them both personally and professionally.

By paying a wage that accurately reflects the cost of living, we can help to create a more just and compassionate society that promotes inclusivity and wellbeing. The real Living Wage continues to be a successful tool saving thousands of people from the grip of in-work poverty throughout Scotland.

These benefits include:

  • fewer financial pressures/ worries

  • ability to save and plan for the future

  • ability to afford the ‘little extras’

  • feeling more valued by their employer

  • increased motivation at work

  • enhanced team relationships and cohesiveness

Christine McCaig, Interim Manager, Living Wage Scotland

"Ensuring that staff are paid at least the real Living Wage is the single most important thing employers can do to support their people with rising living costs and plays a significant role in creating the just labour market we all want to see. Living Wage accredited employers across Scotland, including Edinburgh and the Southeast, recognise that paying a wage that covers everyday is a necessary and vital investment in their workforce. Not only is it the right thing to do, businesses that pay the real Living Wage reap the benefits in terms of better recruitment and retention, less sickness absence and a more motivated workforce."

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