Wellbeing Economy Policy Design Guide

How to design economic policies that put
the wellbeing of people and the planet first


The Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WEAll) launched its Wellbeing Economy Policy Design Guide on 16 March 2021.

The guide provides practical “How To” advice for policy makers at all levels. It contains case studies, tools and tips from WEAll members on how to design policies for a Wellbeing Economy.

Resources and ideas include how to:

Understand what matters for wellbeing, and how to craft and communicate wellbeing visions and measurements

Identify the areas of economic life that are most important for wellbeing, managing trade-offs and confronting power dynamics

Assess and co-create Wellbeing Economy policies through meaningful participation

Successfully implement Wellbeing Economy policies by empowering local stakeholders and communities to create, adapting and aligning these policies to their context

Evaluate wellbeing for learning, adaptation and success.

Read the Wellbeing Economy Policy Design Guide or download a copy below.

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