Regional Inclusive Growth Research Network

Picture of Linda Christie

Dr Linda Christie, Policy Scotland

Policy Scotland, a research and knowledge exchange centre at the University of Glasgow, is facilitating a new regional inclusive growth research network with support from the Scottish Centre for Regional Inclusive Growth. The network is being coordinated by Dr Linda Christie, to help bring together researchers with a shared interest to help shape and make progress on an inclusive growth research agenda in Scotland.

The Regional Inclusive Growth Research Network (RIGRN) will meet three times this year, each meeting focusing on a different theme related to policy-making.

1. Inclusive Growth Policy: Understanding the research domains, priorities, and challenges

2. Defining Inclusive Growth Policy: Delivery and measurement of inclusive
growth policy

3. Evaluation and Impact of Inclusive Growth Policy Outcomes

At each of the network meetings, guest speakers will set the context followed by facilitated, participatory discussions where members can learn from each other and identify research gaps, opportunities and solutions in a creative and open environment.

The Network aims to make a distinct contribution to shaping the inclusive growth research agenda across Scotland, by informing the evolving public policy landscape surrounding inclusive growth, and supporting independent research and analysis that will have an impact on practice.

It is Policy Scotland’s aim to support the coordination of research across academic, private, public and third sectors, at regional-metropolitan (and Scottish) levels.

The Policy Scotland website has more information about the RIGRN, including how to join.

The first meeting is taking place in mid-March in Glasgow; please get in touch if you’d like to attend or hear more.

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