Stage 6: Monitoring and Evaluation


Monitoring, evaluation, and continuous learning is a crucial element of the wellbeing economy approach. Policy makers are advised to consider how best to monitor the process and evaluate the impact of interventions against the key wellbeing outcomes identified at the start of the process, using the indicators and stakeholder evidence gathered throughout.

To maintain a genuinely participative approach, policy makers should also consider how to involve stakeholders in future evaluation and review processes to ensure that future iterations of plans and policies are fit for purpose and are supported by all parts of the council, key partners and those who live and work across the local area.


Clackmannanshire stage 6 case study

Progress in Clackmannanshire will be monitored against the key wellbeing outcomes through the Local Outcomes Improvement Plan progress report.

If required, the diagnostic process can be repeated to assess if there have been any changes in the wellbeing indicators that may warrant reprioritisation of drivers or a change in the policy approach. This can also be done if there are significant changes in local circumstances or the available evidence base.

Stage 6 Actions

1. Through an inclusive, participative approach, consider and decide how the wellbeing economy outcomes will be monitored, and how the impact of interventions will be evaluated. The transition to a wellbeing economy is a long-term endeavour and outcomes should be monitored and evaluated on an on-going basis to ensure continuous improvement.

2. Use the key wellbeing outcomes and indicators identified in Stage one to establish a baseline from which to measure ongoing progress and impact of the interventions. This should include a plan for collecting the key data and evidence required.

3. Keep the outcomes and indicators under regular review, ensuring that the process is rooted in the NPF and takes account of any updates arising from its statutory review cycle (every five years).

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