Rutherglen Links

Clyde Gateway


Clyde Gateway’s model, with respect to commercial and industrial development, is to make an initial intervention so that a vacant and derelict site becomes an attractive proposition to the private sector, and brings business and jobs to the area.

Rutherglen Links is a new business park which has proven to be an excellent example of the model in action, arising from what was a previously vacant and derelict land site spanning 5 acres in the heart of Rutherglen.

Supported by Vacant & Derelict Land Fund (through South Lanarkshire Council) and by the Regeneration Capital Grant Fund, Rutherglen Links is ultimately anticipated to bring 500 jobs, and many spin-offs, to the Rutherglen area. This responds to what people in communities like Rutherglen said that they wanted from the Clyde Gateway programme of regeneration.

Rutherglen Links already hosts, for example, SPIE’s head office as well as the TransCanada Turbines manufacturing facilities. Clyde Gateway is currently in the process of securing loan finance against the One Rutherglen Links asset towards a further development in the area. This type of approach enables them to accelerate progress and depend less on SG grant over time.

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