Local Wellbeing Economy Monitor


The local Wellbeing Economy Monitor enables users to quickly generate an initial, high-level picture of a local authority area’s relative wellbeing across social, environmental and economic dimensions. It can therefore help users identify at a glance where there may be strengths that should be maintained in local areas, or issues where there may be challenges and opportunities to improve local wellbeing outcomes.


The local Wellbeing Economy Monitor draws together data for 17 indicators of wellbeing for each of Scotland’s 32 local authorities. Users of the Monitor can compare indicator performance across local authority areas and to Scotland as whole to provide a benchmark for wellbeing outcomes.


Local Wellbeing Economy Monitor indicators were selected to give a broad-brush sense of progress towards National Outcomes in the National Performance Framework, Scotland’s Wellbeing Framework.


The local Wellbeing Economy Monitor was published as part of the Scottish Government’s Wellbeing Economy Toolkit. The local Wellbeing Economy Monitor supports stage 1 of the diagnostic process recommended by the Toolkit, designed to aid decision-making and prioritisation of economic interventions to facilitate transitions to local and regional wellbeing economies.


The local Wellbeing Economy Monitor comprises an excel tool which captures all of the data and an accompanying guidance document which provides further information on all indicators.


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