Regional Economic Partnerships


Regional Economic Partnerships (REPs) are collaborations between local government, the private sector, education and skills providers, enterprise and skills agencies, and the third sector.

REPs bring together knowledge and skills from local organisations to drive inclusive growth within their communities.



With Inclusive Growth forming a central tenet of Scotland’s economic strategy, policy makers have begun to focus on reducing the economic and social inequalities which exist between Scotland’s regions.

As a geographically diverse nation, the importance of local involvement in reducing these disparities cannot be overstated; Scotland’s island and rural communities often face entirely different challenges to the urban heartlands of the central belt, and a tailored approach is needed to tackle these inequalities.

REP’s facilitate this by identifying shared goals between local government, community organisations, and prominent economic actors in the area. With funding from the Scottish Government, they are able to provide a collaborative platform which supports local ambitions and the unique circumstances in each community.

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