Inclusive Growth Research

Research into inclusive growth has received attention from academics and policy makers since the term emerged in the late 2000s.


Inclusive growth is about both the pace and pattern / distribution of growth (IMF, World Bank). The aim of inclusive growth is, therefore, to achieve both sustainable economic growth, but with a particular emphasis on who benefits from growth.

The research papers and reports listed below explore this in different ways.

Research Network

SHRED in collaboration with Policy Scotland started the Regional Inclusive Growth Research Network to help progress, shape, and address an inclusive growth research agenda in Scotland. The Research Network held its first meeting in March 2019 attended by academics with expertise in this research domain.

To find out more, or if you are a researcher in this policy area and want to be part of the Regional Inclusive Growth Research Network, contact Policy Scotland.

Selected recent research papers and reports

Stock-Jones, R. ‘Productivity knocks: Levelling up with social infrastructure investment‘ Centre for Policy Studies (March, 2020)

Wallace-Stephens, F. ‘Four futures of work: consequences for the Scottish skills system‘ Medium (March, 2020)

Clelland, D. ‘Beyond the city region? Uneven governance and the evolution of regional economic development in Scotland‘ Local Economy (February, 2020)

Irvine, G. (Ed.) Can Good Work Solve the Productivity Puzzle? Collected Essays RSA & Carnegie Trust (January, 2020)

Scotland’s City Region and Growth Deals‘ Audit Scotland (January, 2020)

Earlier research

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