International Engagement

The Scottish Inclusive Growth Conference in 2017 brought together a Scottish, UK and international audience to allow for the sharing of experience and best practice in progress towards Inclusive Growth, covering a range of topics such as economic growth and sustainability, insights from business, fair work, wellbeing, regional perspectives and place-based approaches to growth. The conference was organised by the Scottish Government, and hosted by the Principal of the University of Glasgow, Professor Sir Anton Muscatelli.


The conference bought together politicians, civic society and business leaders to discuss inclusive growth – and an emphasis was placed on understanding the international perspective on inclusive growth, and on showcasing the work of Scotland to international stakeholders. Speakers included officials and Ministers from Sweden, New Zealand, Slovenia and Costa Rica as well as representatives of the World Economic Forum, IMF and OECD. This complimented other events showcasing and exploring inclusive growth in Scotland, such as the Achieving inclusive growth for Scotland organised by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

A full summary of the event – and the individual speeches and discussions that were held – can be found in the document below. This may help users who want to watch a particular presentation or discussion via the videos of the conference – which are split into the four main sessions that were held:

Session 1: Inclusive Growth in Scotland and International Perspectives on Inclusive Growth (Includes speeches given by Nicola Sturgeon, Gabriella Ramos, Per Bolund and Gerry Rice)

Session 2: Building capacity, inclusion, entrepreneurship and fair work for inclusive growth (a discussion with Harry Burns, Sara Carter and Patricia Findlay, chaired by Graeme Smith)

Session 3: Business opportunities for inclusive growth (a discussion with Caroline Colliston, Stephen Pearson and Robin Worsnop, chaired by Alan Thornburrow)

Session 4: Reflections on delivering more inclusive growth: international and national policy approaches and close (a discussion with Gemma Corrigan, Alenka Smerkolj, Gerry Rice and Anton Muscatelli chaired by Gary Gillespie)

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