City Region & Growth Deals

City Region and Growth Deals are packages of funding and decision-making powers, agreed between the Scottish Government, the UK Government and local partners. They are designed to bring about long-term improvements to regional economies, attracting additional investment, creating new jobs and accelerating inclusive economic growth.


Each deal is bespoke, reflecting each region’s individual economic strengths and challenges and developed by both the Scottish and UK Governments working with partners from the broader public sector, such as Scottish Enterprise and Skills Development Scotland, as well as from businesses, colleges and universities.

City Region and Growth Deals have now been announced for every part of Scotland, with the Scottish Government investment totalling more than £1.6 billion.

There are six City Region Deals and six Regional Growth Deals in Scotland.  This map of Scotland highlights the areas each deal covers.

Glasgow City Region

The Scottish Government are investing £520 million in the £1.2 billion Glasgow City Region Deal, which covers eight local neighbouring authorities across Glasgow and the Clyde Valley.

Signed in 2014, the deal supports the region to achieve its long-term vision for the local economy, through projects focusing on infrastructure, skills and employment and business growth and innovation.

Scottish Government investments include £500 million for critical infrastructure improvements, improving public transport and connectivity, and £20 million to create a ground-breaking medical research & commercialisation facility, developing new products and services in the life science sector.

Regional partners estimate that over its lifetime, the deal will deliver around 29,000 jobs and attract around £3.3 billion of private sector investment.

Find out more about the Glasgow City Region Deal.

Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

The Scottish Government have committed to invest up to £125 million in the Aberdeen City Region Deal, matched by the UK Government. Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire Councils, Opportunity North East, other regional partners and the private sector have committed up to £44 million.

The deal, signed in 2016, aims to boost innovation, internationalisation, digital connectivity, and infrastructure across the region. Investments made by the Scottish Government include £90 million to support the Oil and Gas Technology Centre, and £15 million towards new innovation hubs focusing on research, development and growth in the life sciences and food and drink sectors.

Alongside the deal, the Scottish Government have committed a further £254 million to the North East over the same timeframe. This additional investment will deliver improved transport and broadband networks, and local housing programmes.

Find out more about the Aberdeen City Region Deal.

Inverness & Highlands

Up to £135 million has been committed by the Scottish Government to the Inverness and Highland City Region Deal. The UK Government has committed up to £53 million, supplemented by up to £127 million from the Highland council and regional partners.

Signed in 2017, the deal seeks to boost key sectors such as tourism and life sciences, realise ambitions of becoming the best digitally connected rural region in Europe and promote innovation and internationalisation, creating new well-paid jobs that will help retain and attract young people to the region.

Scottish Government investments include £15 million for redevelopment of Inverness Castle into a “must-see” attraction showcasing the culture and heritage of the whole region, and £6 million for targeted housing projects across the region.

Partners estimate that £800 million in private sector investment will be leveraged over the life of the deal, and over 3000 new jobs created.

Find out more about the Inverness & Highlands City Region Deal.

Edinburgh & South East Scotland

The Scottish Government have committed £300 million in the £1.3 billion Edinburgh and South East City Region Deal, with investments from UK Government of £300 million and further commitments from partners from six local authorities, universities and colleges, and the private and third sectors.

The deal, signed in 2018, will deliver improvements in innovation, housing, critical infrastructure and a new skills programme, unlocking access to good opportunities for people across the region.

Scottish Government investments include £10 million to support cutting edge research in future technologies, putting the region at the forefront of data-driven innovation, £45 million to support and enable construction of 41,000 new homes across the region, and £25 million for a skills programme that will improve the skills of an estimated 14,700 people.

Find out more about the Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region Deal.

Stirling & Clackmannanshire

Both the Scottish Government and the UK Government have committed up to £45.1 million each towards the Stirling and Clackmannanshire City Region Deal. Regional partners will match this investment with up to £123.8 million, resulting in a deal worth over £214 million.

Signed in 2020, the deal aims to create higher value jobs, investing in the creation of green innovations, digital entrepreneurship and cultural opportunities to deliver a more diverse regional economy, whilst widening access to opportunity and supporting inclusion.

Scottish Government investments include £15 million to support culture, tourism and heritage across the region, £4 million to enhance digital connectivity in both urban and rural areas, and over £9 million to projects that enhance skills, active travel and planning for the use of green energy.

A further £5 million has been committed by the Scottish Government, which will support the delivery of enabling infrastructure at Callander and Kildean. The total Scottish Government investment in the region has the potential to deliver 1,500 new jobs and £275 million of private sector leverage.

Find out more about the Stirling and Clackmannanshire City Region Deal.

Tay Cities

The Tay Cities Deal will deliver more than £700 million to the region, including £150 million each from the Scottish Government and the UK Government. Together with regional partners’ contribution, this deal has the potential to secure more than 6,000 jobs and attract £400 million of investment.

Signed in 2020, the deal seeks to transform the region by focusing on inclusion, innovation, internationalisation, connectivity and empowerment, and supports projects which aim to promote inclusive economic growth across the region.

Scottish Government investments include £20 million in a skills and employability programme, £25 million to grow the region’s biomedical sector, and £37 million to support the region’s culture and tourism offerings.

The Scottish Government have also confirmed a further £50 million for the region, which will be invested in the Cross Tay Link Road and an industrial investment programme to support manufacturing businesses.

Find out more about the Tay Cities Regional Deal.

Ayrshire Growth Deal

The Ayrshire Growth Deal was signed in November 2020, with a commitment of £103 million investment from the Scottish Government over the next 10 years to deliver inclusive growth across Ayrshire. The UK Government will also be investing £103 million into the region over the next 15 years and regional partners will contribute £45.5 million to a total Deal worth £251.5 million.

Regional partners estimate the deal will create 7,000 new jobs and unlock an additional £300 million from the private sector.

Investments from the Scottish Government include £40 million for innovative projects around engineering, manufacturing and digital automation, £30 million for an Aerospace and Space Programme, £18.5 million for tourism and regeneration and £14.5 million for regional projects around skills, community wealth building and digital infrastructure.

Find out more about the Ayrshire Growth Deal.

Borderlands Inclusive Growth Deal

The Borderlands Deal involves five local authorities: Dumfries and Galloway, Scottish Borders, Carlisle City, Cumbria and Northumberland working together to promote inclusive economic growth in the South of Scotland and North of England.

Borderlands partners have identified priority themes for transforming the region as a whole: digital, energy, place, destination, mountain biking, business infrastructure, knowledge exchange, land and marine, transport.

Heads of terms for Borderlands were signed in July 2019, with commitments of up to £85 million over 10 years from the Scottish Government, and up to £65 million from the UK Government in the Scottish elements of the deal.

Find out more about the Borderlands Inclusive Growth Deal.

Moray Growth Deal

In July 2019 the Scottish and UK Governments each committed to an investment of £32.5 million in the Moray Growth Deal, with the deal heads of terms agreement signed on 24 August 2020. This agreement sets out the specific projects and activities to be funded.

The investments the Scottish Government are making are both significant and strategic. £12.7 million will boost the region’s appeal as a leading tourist and cultural destination; £4 million will provide more efficient and accessible green bus services tailored to rural needs; £2 million will help develop a centre for manufacturing and innovation; £5 million will create a minimum of 360 affordable homes and plots; £3.5 million will enable 3-8 year olds and their parents to take part in STEM learning; and £5.3 million will create a Business and Enterprise Hub as part of Moray College UHI.

Moray partners believe that over the next 10 to 15 years these interventions will unlock private investment worth in excess of £200 million and deliver over 450 new jobs across a wide range of sectors.

Find out more about the Moray Growth Deal.

Argyll and Bute Growth Deal

In October 2019 the Scottish and UK Governments each committed investment of up to £25 million in the Argyll and Bute Growth Deal.

This investment will support a range of projects designed to drive inclusive economic growth throughout Argyll and Bute. Officials will continue to work with partners in Argyll and Bute to help them develop and refine those projects that they think will have the transformative effect on the local economy that we all want to see.

All partners in the deal look forward to being able to announce a heads of terms agreement as soon as possible, which will specify which projects will be supported by this joint investment.

Read more about the Argyll & Bute Deal.

Falkirk Growth Deal

The Scottish Government announced a £40 million investment over ten years in the Falkirk Growth Deal in July 2020.  In addition to Growth Deal investment, the Scottish Government has decided to invest an additional £10 million in Falkirk for green recovery projects, bringing total investment to £50 million.

The Falkirk Growth Deal will develop Falkirk’s ambitions for inclusive economic growth, including the opportunities unlocked from Grangemouth’s national significance as Scotland’s largest industrial site.

Officials from the Scottish Government and UK Government will continue to work with Falkirk, to agree Heads of Terms, setting out the specific projects to be funded by the deal, which will help to unlock investment and drive inclusive growth across the area.

Islands Growth Deal

In July 2020 the Scottish Government announced a £50m investment in the Islands Growth Deal over a 10 year period, which will unlock investment and drive inclusive and sustainable growth across Orkney, Shetland and the Outer Hebrides.

The investment will support islanders’ ambitions to create world-class visitor destinations, lead the way to a low carbon future, support growth and future industries and help the communities thrive by attracting and retaining young talent and delivering long lasting benefits for people living in Orkney, Shetland and the Outer Hebrides.

Officials are continuing to work closely with Island partners to agree Heads of Terms, which will set out the specific projects and activities to be funded through the Deal, as soon as is practicable.

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