Scotland's Economic Asset Register

The Enterprise and Skills Review Phase 2 report on Regional Partnerships committed to supporting the development of a regional asset register to inform, amongst other things, regional economic strategies. This will identify the spatial distribution of economic, education and skills assets across Scotland and will be developed and updated over time.

The Economic Asset Register is a tool which has been developed by Scottish Enterprise in response to the Enterprise and Skills Review.

The tool currently uses interactive mapping technology to show Insider 500 companies, the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation, SE Account Managed Companies, SE International and innovation Interventions, SMAS, Rural Leadership companies, and Co-operative Development Scotland companies. This data is just the start, virtually any information held can be plotted and the various layers can be viewed in combination or separately, and can be interrogated for further information at various levels.

The ultimate aim of the National Economic Asset Register is to provide a free and comprehensive portal to Scotland’s Economic Assets, for utilisation by those with an interest in growing Scotland’s economy. We are currently working with other stakeholders to add additional layers of information to the Asset Register in future, which will make this a truly comprehensive tool.

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