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Pitlochry Festival Theatre’s Inclusive Growth Plans for Transforming Access to the Performing Arts


At the heart of the Scottish performing arts scene, Pitlochry Festival Theatre (PFT) is pioneering a mission: to create a beacon of inclusivity and accessibility. Through our Vision Capital Development Project, we aim to bring theatre into the lives of everyone, focusing on those previously overlooked by the arts.


In the interest of a fairer economy, PFT is proud to be an accredited Living Wage Employer, offering wages well above the National Minimum. We are committed to the judicious use of Zero-Hours Contracts, guaranteeing team members with over 16 hours per week for a year receive permanent part-time contracts. PFT champions gender equality, with parity of wages between genders in both senior and departmental management positions.


Recognising the true value of our people, we’re working alongside our Human Resources consultant to devise a thorough Training & Development Plan for our team. This scheme will not only enhance the skills of our appreciated employees, but also solidify PFT’s reputation as a desirable employer in a fiercely competitive market.


Our mission extends to our relationships with contractors. We place a premium on those who share our ethos of fair work principles and community benefits. During all procurement stages of our Capital Development, we ensure our contractors are Fair Work employers and embed a Community Benefits clause in tenders. These benefits include targeted recruitment and training, supporting local enterprises and social initiatives, and contributing to community enhancement projects.


Despite our rural setting, we’re passionate about nurturing local talent. A significant proportion of our procurement is kept within a 100-mile radius of the Theatre, supporting local economic growth and those with fewer financial resources.


We’re proactive in our pursuit of equality, prioritising candidates from marginalised backgrounds. Our recruitment campaigns actively seek out underrepresented groups within the acting community. Our Vision Capital Development includes improved accessibility, such as levelled floors, lifts, a Changing Places facility, family-friendly toilets, expanded toilet facilities including gender-neutral options, and quiet spaces, all to meet a variety of needs.


Our inclusivity extends to our community work. We’re working towards the Arts in Sanctuary Award, connecting with refugee communities, and championing diversity in our commissions. Over 50% of our commissions are granted to women artists, artists with caring responsibilities, and individuals from underrepresented groups, ensuring diversity is at the heart of our productions.


PFT’s commitment to inclusivity, accessibility, and equitable growth shines brightly in our Inclusive Growth targets. Through the Vision Capital Development initiative, we’re reshaping the theatre landscape, offering meaningful employment, enhancing accessibility, and promoting diversity. We lead by example, inspiring our industry to follow a more inclusive path. PFT is proud to be a Theatre for all and a Theatre for a lifetime.


Emma Stewart, Head of Project Development, Pitlochry Festival Theatre

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