Inclusive Growth

Inclusive Growth aims to tackle economic inequality and regional imbalances by widening access to opportunities and promoting fairness in the labour market. It recognises that traditional economic models, which prioritise growth at the expense of all else, have failed to create the conditions necessary for everyone in society to benefit from economic growth.



As an economic model, it promotes practical measures such as social inclusion, skills development, and fair business growth, to create more equitable outcomes in society. The idea of inclusive growth comes from economists who have come to value the shape and distribution of growth across a population rather than just being concerned with growth as an end in itself.

A key aim of the SG Inclusive Growth strategy is to ensure that the employment and regeneration benefits presented by the £5bn City and Region Deals programme are shared widely amongst Scotland’s people, and that those furthest from work are able to benefit from the employment, training, and other opportunities the investments bring.

The challenges faced by regions are different and the approaches need to support inclusive growth vary from Deal to Deal. The Scottish Government works with regional partners to identify and address the inclusive growth needs of each region, rather than proscribing a top-down, centralised approach for all Deals, because we believe partners are best placed to understand the specific challenges their regions face, and the most effective approach to tackling these. Work focuses on those within the protected characteristic groups (as set out in the Equality Act 2010) and those from our most disadvantaged communities.


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