Socially productive use of land, property and assets


Our land is a valuable commodity – even more so after the focus of COP 26/27 which has helped to highlight the climate emergency. Coupled with the need for more housing for an ever growing population means that as a society we need to address these challenges to ensure that we can all benefit from this resource. This can be achieved by:

  • asset transfers – community buyouts of public and private land in order to protect the land and ensure it remains of benefit to all

  • collaboration with landlords (private and public sector) for the use of vacant premises with rebates or rent reductions for local businesses, social enterprises etc to encouraging a thriving high streets, which ties in to the ethos of ‘20 minute neighbourhoods’

  • promote ‘Reuse, Repurpose and Reduce’ to reduce the waste going to landfill

  • rewilding – increased tree planting, reintroduction of native species and encouraging biodiversity across the variety of regions landscape

  • regulation of land rights to ensure more productive use of local land, whilst encouraging an environmental approach

Socially productive use of land, property and assets: where unused local places and spaces are used by communities, businesses and organisations for social, community, health and/or educational activities, events and employment opportunities. An example of this can be found in the Go Beyond case study about Dumbeg Park.

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